Conference 2018



Conference is over for another year.  We’ll be sharing as much information and content from presentations as we can.  We’ll let you know when its available.

Thanks to the sponsors presenters and panels members.

Thanks to all the fantastic staff, volunteers, committee members and our government and community sector colleagues.

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Conference Summary Report 2018

Join us for another 3 days of fun, learning, change, and coming together as the fantastic community we are. What is Creating our Future about?  It is about community, its about working together to share what’s working and generating enthusiasm and creativity to take hold of what is possible for us.  We can wait and see what happens as a result of things out of our control, or we can choose action, creativity and connection to continue to build the communities we love.  Come and join us for some inspiration, challenge and re-connection at the Neighbourhood Houses Conference 2018.

Keynote speaker Tim Costello

Tim Costello will inspire staff and volunteers with stories from Australia and overseas.  Stories that highlight the power and impact of local community development initiatives, that bring people together and help communities to thrive.  Tim brings considerable experience, knowledge and ideas from his role as Chief Advocate of World Vision Australia, Chair of Community Council of Australia and advocate for the Thriving Communities Partnership. Tim is a vocal supporter of the community development work of Neighbourhood Houses, and  is a passionate voice for social justice issues, and will share insights into what works locally to engage and empower local community.

 Tim has played significant roles in a variety of organisations, including Executive Director of Urban Seed, an Australian community development organisation, focused on the idea that everybody needs a place to belong – especially those experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental illness or isolation. 

Wednesday evening reception at Government House.

Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner, AC, Governor of Tasmania,is hosting delegates of the Neighbourhood Houses conference 2018, to Government House to celebrate the good work of Neighbourhood House staff and volunteers.


Thanks to our sponsors for their generous support that enables participation by
the staff and volunteers of our Member Houses.


Conference will be held at the Old Woodstore Hotel, on Macquarie Street, Hobart.


As you know accommodation in Hobart can be hard to find, so we recommend booking early.

The Old Woolstore have offered discounted rates on some of their accommodation.

  • Hotel room at $155.00 per night, inclusive of parking (usually $186)
  • Studio room at $175.00 per night, inclusive of parking ( usually 207)
  • One-bedroom apartment at $200.00 per night, inclusive of parking (usually 228)

To access the conference rates, please contact the Old Woolstore on 1800 814 676

The Fountainside is another hotel that is very close by, and offers reasonable rates.  Check the usual accommodation booking websites to find the best rates.

There are a variety of other accommodation options in Hobart.  Below is a list of some accommodation websites for searching.


Below are the 5 workshops – four of which will each be run twice – once in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Please use the workshop numbers when registering.

1.       Making short videos with smartphones – David Pyefinch
2.       Food Security and Community Gardening – Michael Cook
3.       Facebook 2.0 – Tara Howell and Kelsey Thomas
4.     Self Care – Looking after you
5.      Morning –  Financial reporting made easier

Afternoon – DV Aware – Domestic Violence awareness delivered by Lifeline

Short Presentations from Houses

Have you got a good, quick story about how you manage common tasks and activities in your House, or about your successful project, program or event in your House or community? Maybe you even have an “Epic Fail” that you are willing to share to help others avoid? We would love to hear about it at the NHT State Conference in Hobart 26-28 September

Staff, members and volunteers in Neighbourhood Houses are doing fantastic things across Tasmania!  It’s important that we share the great stories, success and failures that we have, so others can adapt projects to suit their local communities, and to avoid reinventing wheels.
You have a lot of skills and experience, so why not share with the rest of us?

Some possible examples:

How to…. – manage a Neighbourhood House minibus.

How we have… gained sponsorship from a business.

Click here for an information page and application form.