Devonport Community House

The Devonport Community House provides opportunities for our community to participate in a range of educational and social activities aimed at enhancing knowledge, early learning, social inclusion and health and wellbeing.

The House was first established in November 1982 after three years of consultation with the local community.  It has grown and diversified over this time to embrace the changing needs of our community.

It is a community development centre with a clear social justice orientation that encourages involvement and participation of people in the affairs of their community.

The House is a place:

  • To meet people from the local community
  • To develop ideas / skills in a supportive and innovative environment
  • To be creative, teach or learn
  • To be supported in relationships and raising children
  • To have a voice in the democratic system
  • To call in for information or for a chat and a cuppa

Devonport Community House also facilitates Devonport Community Garden, The Playhouse, Devonport Men’s Shed and Food Programs.


Map of location

10 Morris Avenue, Devonport, 7310