Training activities for staff and volunteers

2019 Training:

Mental Health First Aid Short Courses

Places are very limited for these two heavily subsidised courses.  Please book ASAP.  Cost is $20 per session and NHT is covering the food cost for people connected to the Houses.

Mental Health First Aid – Non-Suicidal Self Injury short course – Wednesday 6th February – now in Hobart
The NSSI course gives participants an opportunity to learn how to help someone who is engaging in self-injury.  This includes training in why people engage in self-injury, how to talk someone who is engaging in this behaviour, how to help the person stay safe, how to connect them to appropriate professional help and to assess for suicide.
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Mental Health First Aid  – Gambling Problems short course – Wednesday 13 February – now in Hobart
The Gambling Problems Course gives participants an opportunity to learn about the risk factors, signs, symptoms and motivations of gambling problems, how to approach someone about their gambling problems, how relapse might affect someone with gambling problems, and how to manage your own self-care.
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Trainer: Matt Gray

Read more feedback and about the strong points of these short courses.

Food Security and Community Gardening training

You liked the Food Security and Community Gardening workshop at Conference, and requested more training, so here it is.  We have noted that there is not sufficient space for all southern Houses to attend the southern workshops, so we’ll arrange dates for another set of workshops in the south- and let you know as soon as we have done so.

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Spaces are very limited.

Food Security and Seed Saving 

Course outline:

  • Food security training – what is true food security and how we can achieve it.
  • Food nutrition and links to good mental health and wellbeing – covering new research emerging regarding the impact of food on mental health, gut health and wellbeing
  • Seed saving – how to grow, isolate, harvest and store seeds. Session will include hands-on exercises where participants will harvest and process a range of seed types.
  • Networking and sharing opportunities across the local Houses. Will cover how Houses can work together (e.g. NHT seed bank and seed register, coordinated approaches to growing and collecting seeds, sharing of ideas, knowledge and resources)
  • SOUTH –               Saturday 16th February 2019
  • NORTH WEST –  Saturday 23rd February 2019
  • NORTH –               Sunday 24th February 2019

Day 2 – Practical Food Growing Skills

Course outline:

  • Propagating, planting and growing techniques for vegetables, fruit trees and herbs
  • Soil improvements, composting, worm farming, fertilizers, sprays and potting mixes. Participants will learn practical skills that can be used in their Houses to make their own garden products and save on garden expenses
  • Setting up garden infrastructures – setting up garden beds, use of shade houses, propagation houses, poly tunnel houses, use of netting, watering systems etc.
  • Troubleshooting – addressing common gardening problems including pests and diseases
  • SOUTH –                 Saturday 16th March 2019
  • NORTH WEST-     Saturday 23rd March 2019 
  • NORTH-                 Sunday 24th March 2019