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Neighbourhood and Community Houses in Tasmania.

Map of Tas Houses 2016

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Tasmania’s Neighbourhood Houses are the warm and generous heart of their communities. Their goals are to build community, support people and families, and enhance participation choices.

Neighbourhood Houses provide a network to support individuals and families, and are linked to local communities at the grassroots. They provide a place for people to go and feel part of a community, a place where people are welcomed and a place where people can learn new skills, be a part of a group, meet new friends, volunteer, and give back to their community.

There are 35 Neighbourhood and Community Houses located around Tasmania. Use this page to find one near you.

Spreadsheet of contacts for all the Houses:  Download list of all House contacts.

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Southern Region

Northern Region

The Northern region has 10 Houses.

There are ten Houses because Northern Suburbs Community Centre operates two Houses.  These are in Mowbray and Rocherlea.  Other areas in the Northern region with Neighbourhood Houses include George Town, Fingal, Scottsdale, Beaconsfield, Deloraine, and Ravenswood.

North-Western Region

There are 7 Houses in the North-Western Region.

Burnie, Devonport, Eastern Shore and Ulverstone are located on the north-west coast.  Rosebery and Zeehan are located on the west coast. Phoenix Community House is located on King Island.