Funding Round 10

FR10-500hThe tenth funding round of the Everyday Literacy for Local Communities Program is now closed.  We are continuing with the open rolling funding round concept.  It will be open from June 2016 – 5pm Friday June 30 2017.

In this funding round approximately $150,000 is available for funding adult or family literacy projects run in Neighbourhood Houses.

There are three funding categories: Literacy support minor grants, literacy support major grants, and capacity building grants.   The minor and major grants use the same form, and you may apply for funding in each of the three funding categories.

Before you start

  • Start with a question:  What is the literacy need in your community that you would like to target?  There may be more than one.  Have you thought about what literacy outcomes you want to see?  These should be clear in your mind before you start writing the Expression of Interest.  To work out what your literacy goal is you need to understand what the literacy needs in your community are;
  • Have a look at what other Houses have been funded to do.  It may be that another House has done something that meets the needs your House has.  It makes sense to use their plans as a starting point for your idea rather than re-inventing the wheel.  This saves on duplication, and since it’s been funded for someone else it will likely be funded for you as well.  Click here for a list of recent funded projects;
  • Read the guidelines.  This is most important.  There are some criteria your idea has to meet in order to be eligible for funding.  If you have not framed your Expression of Interest around these your idea will be rejected by the Assessment Panel.  The Everyday Literacy for Local Communities program can fund literacy projects for families and adults only.  Any project that has children as the focus will be rejected.  If you are unclear on this call Steve Cooke on 6228 6515 for clarification, or better still, invite Steve to your House to discuss your idea.

Guidelines and Expression of Interest templates

It is essential for you to familiarise yourself with the Funding Round 10 Guidelines – please read them carefully.

  • Use the Funding Round 10 Guidelines to assist you in the preparation of your application – PDF

Use one of the forms below for each funding application you make.  Select the correct form for your project type.

  • Capacity Building Stream Expression of Interest form – WORD (docx)
  • Literacy Support StreamMajor and Minor grant Expression of Interest form – WORD (docx)

Report forms

Please note changed reporting requirements (see Guidelines) These will be available shortly

  • For Round 10 Capacity Building stream Grant final reporting, please use this form – WORD (docx)
  • For Round 10 Literacy Support stream Major and Minor Grant final reporting, please use this form – WORD (docx)
  • Summary information on the successful applications will be updated from time to time, and will be posted here.
  • For comments by the Assessment Panel on the applications received, refer to Feedback and Observations Round 10.

Successful applicants will be required to sign a Funding Agreement and provide a Final Project Report at the completion of their project.

If you require reporting forms for previous funding rounds, please see the funding round grant page for the Round under which you were funded. There is a list of previous funding rounds here.