Everyday Literacy for Local Communities – Funding Round 12 – NOW CLOSED

The Round

The twelfth funding round of the Everyday Literacy for Local Communities Program is currently open.  We are continuing with the open rolling funding round concept.  It will be open from July 2018 – June 30 2019.

In this funding round approximately $100,000 is available to fund adult or family-based literacy projects run in Neighbourhood Houses.

There are three funding categories:

  • Minor grants for literacy support (up to $5,000)
  • Major grants for literacy support (up to $15,000)
  • Grants for capacity building projects (up to $5,000)

In this Round you may apply for funding for capacity building projects and either the major literacy support grant or the minor literacy support grant.

In order to apply for funding you need to complete an Application.  See below for help in writing this.

Before you start

Ask yourself this question:  What literacy needs do you have in your community?   You may be able to identify more than one literacy need.  Some of these might be targeted by a project.

Once you’ve identified a need you’d like to target, you need to think about what literacy outcomes you would like to see from a project that meets the need.  These outcomes should be clear in your mind before you start writing the Expression of Interest.

What to do next

Have a look at what other Houses have been funded to do.

Ask NHT.  It may be that another House has done something that meets the literacy needs your House has.  It makes sense to use their plans as a starting point for your idea rather than re-inventing the wheel.  This saves on duplication, and since it’s been funded for someone else it will likely be funded for you as well.  Click here for a list of recent funded projects.

Read the guidelines.

This is most important.  There are some criteria your idea has to meet in order to be eligible for funding.  And there are some definitions that will assist you in working through what you might need to do to meet your community’s literacy needs.

Write your Application

See the Documents section below for Application templates.

You’ll need to have some idea of how much money you will need to complete the proposed project in order to decide whether you need a Minor grant or a Major grant.  Don’t forget to include the budget with the Application when you submit it to NHT.

You need to explain why your community needs the project.  You also need to describe the project.  The description should include how the project will meet the literacy needs you have identified, and what literacy support you will provide.  The point around literacy support is one the Assessment Panel, who decide which ideas can be supported, focuses on.

If you have not framed your Application around the criteria listed in the guidelines the Assessment Panel are likely to reject your idea.  The Everyday Literacy for Local Communities program can fund literacy projects for families and adults only.  Any project with CHILDREN as the focus will be rejected.  If you are unclear on this please call NHT on 6228 6515 for clarification, and to discuss your idea.


Once your Application has been accepted you will need to sign a Funding Agreement.  The agreement lays out the commitments you are required to follow.  These will typically include various reporting and administrative commitments.  NHT will send the form to you via email, so please ensure your email address on the Application is correct.

At the same time you will also need to complete an Activities and Indicators of Success form that NHT will also send with the Funding Agreement.

The Activities section records the activities you will run during your project to meet the literacy needs you’ve identified.

The Indicators of Success section records how you will know that the literacy outcomes of your project have been achieved. The Indicators of Success also point to what evidence you will need to collect and report on to show that the literacy outcomes have been achieved.

Once you’ve returned both the signed Funding Agreement and the completed Activities and Indicators of Success form NHT will forward the money to your nominated Neighbourhood House bank account.



It is essential for you to familiarise yourself with the Funding Round 12 Guidelines (PDF)please read them carefully.  You will need to frame your Expression of Interest around the criteria noted in the guidelines.  The guidelines also define how a Capacity Building project differs from Major and Minor projects.

Expression of Interest templates

The Minor and Major Expression of Interest template is one form – simply select which grant type you are applying for.  There is a separate form for Capacity Building Expressions of Interest.    Select the correct form for your project proposal from those below.

  • Major and Minor grant Expression of Interest form – WORD (docx)
  • Capacity Building Expression of Interest form – WORD (docx)

Reporting forms

Reporting requirements have changed significantly from previous grant rounds.  For this reason, NHT will send out a report form to you once you notify us that your project is complete.  The report will be specific to your project, and will include the information you provided in the Activities and Indicators of Success form.  You will need to collect evidence during your project around the indicators of success to show how the literacy outcomes have been achieved.

If you require reporting forms for previous funding rounds, please see the funding round grant page for the Round under which you were funded, or contact NHT.  There is a list of previous funding rounds here.


If you require support please consult the Consult the Guidelines – most of your questions should be answered there.  If you require further assistance please call NHT on 6228 6515.