NHT Staff

We’re here to help.  Get in touch by email or give us a call on 03 6228 6515.

Tracey Tasker (works Monday-Friday)
0407 499 973
Chief Executive Officer

I work with the NHT team to support the Network of Houses across Tasmania.  A large part of my role includes advocacy, developing and managing relationships, working with key stakeholders and maintaining the strategic direction of NHT.

Did you know:  I once lived and worked on Day Dream Island.

Karen Austen (works Monday – Thursday)

Project Officer. The two main focus areas in my work include:

  1. supporting the 36 Eating with Friends groups, 23 of which are supported by Houses.
  2. identifying and sourcing training options for staff and volunteers within the network.

Did you know: I once cycled from Melbourne to Perth….and Melbourne to Cairns?

Jonathan Bedloe (works everyday except Friday)

Development Officer
I work across most areas of the organisation – helping with regional meetings, running conference, updating info on the website, communications for NHT and responding to the various questions you have.

Did you know: I once bungy jumped while strapped into a kayak in Canada

Louise Josephs (works Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)
Administration Officer

I provide administrative support to the CEO and assist with various projects and events across most areas of the organisation.

Did you know: I once worked as an elf helping Santa pose in Christmas photos

Fiona O’Keefe (works Tuesday)
Finance Officer

Peter Scott (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

I help with a range of things in the office, including compiling the history and archive of NHT.

Did you know: “I am a triple threat; I’ve acted, sung and danced on stage. Reviews were mixed.”