Introduction to Reporting on Outcomes


Measuring outcomes will enable Houses to demonstrate that you are making a difference – with the evidence to support it.

This Framework and the tools associated with it are a first step in being able to collect, analyse and present evidence in a consistent way about the Tasmanian Neighbourhood House Program.  This will help with reporting to funders and for planning by individual Houses.  Importantly it will also generate a consolidated picture of the whole Network.

Measuring and reporting on outcomes is not an exercise in comparing one House with another.  It is recognised that all Houses are different – located in communities with differing needs, with varying buckets of funding and different trends in populations – to name just a few of the differences.  Measuring outcomes is more about a consistent approach to demonstrating accountability across the overall Program.

The Framework and tools have been developed in consultation with the Neighbourhood House Outcomes Reference Group Peak organisations of other States and with the DHHS.  Using these spreadsheets and other ways to collect information will mean that the reporting required by DHHS under Funding Agreements will be able to be met.

Feedback on the Framework, and the associated resources is welcomed to:

Jo White
Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania
6228 6515