National Simultaneous Storytime

The National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) is an annual campaign that aims to encourage more Australians to read and enjoy books,  in 2018 over 1,062,230 children took part, including over 1,100 children in Tasmanian Neighbourhood Houses.

The 2019 NSS events will take place around Australia at 11am, Wednesday 22 May.  The featured book for 2019 is Alpacas with Maracas written by Matt Cosgrove.  This is a beautiful story about friendship, and finding success in participation rather than in winning.

NHT supports the participation of Neighbourhood Houses in this event in recognising the great importance of developing early literacy skills in children and regular positive experiences for children and adults around reading.  Encouraging families to read together and kindling an interest in books and in reading, in children from a very young age, provides them with a great start in life.

Reading to very young children encourages them to read for themselves throughout their lives.  Having your child on your knee while reading to them, guiding them to be inquisitive, pointing out interesting illustrations, deepening the mystery around the story, and developing your child’s imagination by asking them to guess where the story will go next are all great ways to engage your child in reading.

In 2018, NHT and the Everyday Literacy for Local Communities project provided over 1,100 books to children at 33 locations around the state as part of the National Simultaneous Storytime events. For more information on NSS and useful resources please visit

If you wish to be a part of NSS please contact Louise on 6228 6515. So come and join us as we read Alpacas with Maracas together, and take part in this national celebration of reading!