Phoenix Community House

We provide a safe, welcoming place for groups and individuals to follow their interests; develop skills and learn; promote wellbeing; and, make and build social connections in order to strength our community and create opportunity for King Islanders.

Phoenix Community House Inc incorporates the following major programs

  • Phoenix Community House, Albert St Currie: recreational and support activities, health and wellbeing services and programs.
  • King Island Men’s Shed, 25 Meech St Currie: workshop for men to work together, socialise and support one another.
  • King Island Community Garden, 25 Meech St Currie:  a garden with both allotments and shared gardening space – a safe place where people can come together to grow food, get to know each other and share their experience, knowledge and skills.



Map of location

24 Albert St, Currie, King Island, 7256