Connecting people with AOD support through Neighbourhood Houses

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For an introduction to the project, go to the bottom of this page, or visit NHT ATDC project Fact Sheet

The project officer at the ATDC is Madelyn Derrick, who can be reached on 6231-5002, or by email at

Regional Meeting – forum  on Harm Minimisation Strategies.

Maddi presented Reducing harms for methamphetamine usersat the Northern Regional on 9 May 2017.  This was a very useful discussion, that clearly demonstrated some easy tools that anyone in a Neighbourhood House could use to be supportive of someone with addiction.  The core message was not trying to convince anyone of anything, but rather working with the person where they are at, but just being aware of a few simple strategies that might help people to make their own decisions..

Resources from the session:

Presentation on reducing harms for methamphetamine users

List of harm reduction strategies for methamphetmines users

Breaking the Ice fact sheet

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Yourcall is a soon to be release online tool to help people make decisions about the AOD use and the assistance they may want.  We’ve got a great little video that will explain in a coople of minutes how yourcall works.  Click here or on the image.

We’ll let you know when it is ready to go.



 Be the Change program

Do you have a partner or family member experiencing addiction? Is it impacting you.

Be the Change aims to provide skills and support to people who have a partner or family member experiencing substance use issues.  Be the Change can be delivered by someone with counselling or social work qualifications and the confidence to work with groups.  The resources required can be found in the Facilitators Manual and Participant Workbook below.

You are also welcome to contact the ATDC or your local AOD service provider to seek assistance for delivery of the program in your House.

Project updates


From NHT Conference 2016


Project Overview

Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania is excited to be partnering with the Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs Council (ATDC)  on the  Connecting people with AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) Support through Neighbourhood Houses project

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services and aims to strengthen local communities and help Neighbourhood Houses across Tasmania that regularly see the consequences of alcohol and drug misuse to address these issues.

NHT committed involvement on behalf of Houses based on feedback from many Houses that shows there is an increasing number of people presenting to Houses with alcohol or other drugs issues, and that getting the right supports and services was often challenging, particularly in regional communities.

Dr Madelyn Derrick has joined the ATDC as the project officer, and will be in touch with Houses again soon to connect and re-establish the project.

Support don't punish NHT strongly endorses the Support Don’t Punish message in its effort to include people who may have alcohol or other drug issues.

For more information see the NHT ATDC project Fact Sheet


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