Reporting on Outcomes


Measuring outcomes will enable Houses to demonstrate that you are making a difference – with the evidence to support it. Follow the link for a more detailed introduction to Reporting on Outcomes .  Feedback on the Framework, and the associated resources is welcomed to:

Jonathan Bedloe
Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania    6228 6515

January 2019 update

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Next steps

A reminder that Houses need to collect Activity Data for a snapshot week in February 2019.  We recommend taking the time to ensure you are comfortable with the new templates and collect later in February.

Templates and Tools for 2018-19 are almost ready to be sent out.  

Links to Templates for 2018-19 are below.

There are no major changes to the templates, but one optional extra template is now available:

Monthly Activity Data template.  For Houses who use the Activity data system all year around, or for those who are considering it – a new template is now available (on the website) to use to collect Activity data for a monthly report for Committee and House use.  This template doesn’t extrapolate the data like the snapshot/full year one does.  It will provide a report that provides your Committee with useful information about the activities in your House.

  • Please read the INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE located on the first tab of the template if you decide to go with it.
  • Do not hesitate to call Jonathan or Alison for assistance.

1) Templates –

new templates are on the way.  

2) Guides

3) Resources

Including – Question bank, How to do a snap-shot survey, Data definitions and counting rules, counting sheets etc etc

NHT will of course continue to help – call us!Picture 1

Contact the office on 6228 6515

Or EMAIL US at to let us know you would like a call.


Some other useful tools

TasCOSS How to guides:

TasCOSS have developed a range of tools and “How to” Guides to help community sector organisations with evaluation and reporting.  Worth a look to see if any can assist you to gather information, analyse it and use it to report on outcomes.  How To Library

Obtaining Consent – Forms:

Participant consent form

Photo-Video Consent-Form