Reporting on Outcomes


Measuring outcomes will enable Houses to demonstrate that you are making a difference – with the evidence to support it. Follow the link for a more detailed introduction to Reporting on Outcomes .  Feedback on the Framework, and the associated resources is welcomed to:

Jo White
Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania    6228 6515

June 2017 Update

A reminder that your Activity Data and Priority Area Reports are due to DHHS on 31 July 2017.

Minor changes have been made to the following resources in response to your feedback.

  1. The (R1) DRAFT Question Bank has been added to, and each section numbered to match the numbering of the Outcomes Measures
  2. The Activity Data template with graphs has two additional Assistance Activities added; “Family Violence support” and “Links to Job Providers”
  3. The (R4) Daily Counting Sheet has been updated to include the above 2 new activities.


We have lived through the first year of reporting on outcomes, and made great progress. Houses and the network are able to show how much is happening, that you consult with your communities and work with partners for the best results possible.

Hearing your feedback has been really valuable and we have developed an updated set of templates, guides and resources.

Next steps

We have done a good job or reporting on the first two sections of reporting – “How much did we do?” and “How well did we do it?”.  We now need to focus on “Is anyone better off?” – the outcomes of our work.

At our next regional meeting, we’ll be putting some time into looking at how to develop the right questions, to help us report on the outcomes all the activity we are doing.

Templates and Tools 2016-17

1) Templates

2) Guides

3) Resources

Including – Question bank, How to do a snap-shot survey, Data definitions and counting rules, counting sheets etc etc

NHT will of course continue to help – call us!Picture 1

Contact the office on 6228 6515

Or EMAIL US at to let us know you would like a call.


Some other useful tools

TasCOSS How to guides:

TasCOSS have developed a range of tools and “How to” Guides to help community sector organisations with evaluation and reporting.  Worth a look to see if any can assist you to gather information, analyse it and use it to report on outcomes.  How To Library

Obtaining Consent – Forms:

Participant consent form

Photo-Video Consent-Form