Child Care Resources

Working With Children Check

From 1 July 2014, if you work or volunteer with children you may need to apply for a Working with Children Check.  The new laws are designed to reduce the likelihood of harm to children and create safer environments for all children.  The process involves a national police check and background checking which includes a person’s criminal history, non-conviction information, relevant offences and other information.  For more detailed information, you will find a series of information documents in the Neighbourhood House Resources Toolbox under Working With People (including Working With Children).


The Education and Care Unit (ECU)

The Education and Care Unit (ECU), Department of Education, regulates and quality assures education and care (child care) in Tasmania.

The ECU regulates services approved under the Education and Care Services National Law (National Law) and the Education and Care Services National Regulations. The ECU also assesses and rates these services against the National Quality Standard.

The ECU also regulates services required to be licensed under the Tasmanian Child Care Act 2001.

The Education and Care website provides information, links and resources for families and providers of education and care in Tasmania.


Centre Based Child Care 4

Centre Based Child Care Class 4 is the new standard of Child Care that allows parents to leave Children on site at a House while attending House activities. A copy of the licencing standards can be downloaded by following this link.


Further Links

The Tasmanian Child Care Unit website offers some useful Child Care links that may be helpful