Community Development

Neighbourhood Houses are all about Community Development.  This page, is your link to resources developed through NHT or elsewhere, aimed at supporting your Community Development work.

Community Development Toolkit

Community Development Toolkit cover

Tasmania Medicare Local (now known as Primary Health Tasmania) is worked with Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania (NHT) to address the skill gaps identified in the NHT Workforce Development Project. In 2013 NHT (formerly Tasmanian Association of Community Houses -TACH) undertook a workforce development project to develop a map of training needs of staff, volunteers and community participants in Community houses and to identify ways to deliver training to best address community participant’s needs.  Community Development was one of five broad areas that NHT staff and volunteers required training and education.  These resources have come out of training and consultation delivered by Kylie Eastley Consultancy.

Additional tools and resources

The following documents and website may be useful additions.

Resources about Social Enterprise