Community Gardens

About Community Gardens

For information about Community Gardens in other locations please visit the following websites:

The Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Website

This website provides fact sheets, information and networking for organisations involved or wanting to be involved in Community Gardens.

Find the website at

Eat Well Grow Well – Eat Well Tasmania

Supporting the Tasmanian Community Garden Network.

The Eat Well Grow Well Communities (EWGW) Project was a twelve month partnership initiative of Eat Well Tasmania, funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

The project aimed to:

  • support existing community gardens.
  • provide networking support, information and advice to communities on establishing community gardens.
  • develop a “how to” resource manual and DVD based on the process of establishing a community garden at Glenorchy Primary School and existing gardens in disadvantaged areas.
  • establish a mentoring program.
  • strengthen the Community Garden Network.
  • showcase and celebrate effective models of community gardens with a state gathering.

The Growing Community: Starting and Nurturing Community Gardens

Community Centres SA (CCSA) in South Australia have produced a very comprehensive Community Gardens Resource Kit called “The Growing Community: Starting and Nurturing Community Gardens”.

Their Growing Community booklet and website content were created to encourage the establishment of new community gardens and to support the flourishing of those already growing.

The booklet and website content have been designed to be relevant to:

  • groups starting a community garden
  • professionals considering using community gardening as part of their programmes
  • people who are asked to support community garden projects
  • those sustaining and developing established community gardens

The information this booklet contains is based on questions posed by people starting community gardens and advice from experienced community gardeners, as well as research in community development, project management, and sustainable gardening.

For more information, please visit the CCSA Community Gardens website

Neighbourhood House Community Gardens