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Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania has prepared a series of guides, handbooks and example policies and procedures, drawing upon a wide variety of sources for ideas, format and text. The aim is to provide a handy reference resource of information, examples and templates.

Whilst all information has been provided in good faith, these guide documents and policy and procedure templates should be regarded as examples only and should be used or modified by each House to suit their own needs, based on their own advice. Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania Inc and its member organisations, and their agents, employees and contractors specifically disclaim any responsibility for any errors, mistakes or incorrect facts or interpretations which may occur, however caused, and accept no liability on any basis.

An index list of the documents in this Resources Toolbox, is available HERE and will open in a new tab.  Check the list to find the name of the document you need, and which section it is under. Then click into the appropriate heading below to find a link to the document that you need.  Alternatively you can explore the resources under the headings below.

Developing Policies


Developing Policies   PDF | WORD

Policies and Procedures

Dealing With Conflict


Conflict and Grievance Resolution Information Handbook  PDF | WORD

Anti-discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Information Handbook  PDF | WORD

Policy and Procedures

Conflict and Grievance Resolution Policy  PDF | WORD 

Anti-Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy PDF | WORD

Checklist – Discrimination, Harassment or Bullying NotificationPDF | WORD

Discrimination, Harassment or Bullying Formal Notification Form (NHT) PDF | WORD

Financial Management


Budgets and Monthly Financial Reports  PDF

Example of a Basic Budget  PDF | WORD

Preparing a Budget PDF

Guide for Community Treasurers    PDF

How to read a Balance Sheet  PDF

Example Income and Expenditure Statement   PDF

Policies and Procedures

House Operations


Emergency Action Guide WORD

Risk Management Information Handbook     PDF | WORD

Food Safety Standards Fact Sheets   PDF | WORD

Incident Report Template   WORD

Infection Control Guide  PDF | WORD

Key Dates Checklist Example  WORD

MOU Template Example WORD

Social Media Guide  PDF | WORD

Policies and Procedures

Alcohol and Drug Policy WORD

Handling Chemicals Policy WORD

Home Visiting Policy  WORD

Intellectual Property Policy WORD

Lockdown Policy  WORD

Manual Handling Policy WORD

Media Policy (NHT)  WORD

Personal Protective Equipment WORD

Premises and Facilities Hire Policy   WORD

Risk Management Policy      WORD

Social Media Policy  WORD

Sponsorship Policy WORD

Workplace Communication Policy  WORD


Legal Responsibilities


What is Unlawful Discrimination?   PDF

Anti-Discrimination Act 1998    PDF

What is an Incorporated Association?    PDF

Associations Incorporation Act 1964    PDF

Model Rules  PDF

Policies and Procedures

Management Committee Governance


Induction of Management Committee Members  PDF | WORD

Delegation    PDF | WORD

Management Committee Self Assessment    PDF | WORD

Role of House Coordinator   PDF

Role of House Grievance Officer   PDF

Role of Secretary of the Management Committee   PDF

Role of Staff Liaison Officer   PDF

Role of the Management Committee President   PDF

Role of the Public Officer   PDF

Role of the Treasurer of the Management Committee   PDF

Policies and Procedures

Code of Conduct Policy WORD 

Committee/Coordinator Division of Roles and Responsibilities Policy WORD

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy  Word

Conflict of Interest Policy  WORD




Chairing Meetings   PDF | WORD

Meeting Minutes Template   PDF | WORD

Guide to Management Committee Minutes PDF | WORD

Meeting Agenda  PDF | WORD

Policies and Procedures

Strategic Planning


A Guide to Community Engagement   PDF

A Guide to Strategic Planning  PDF

Methods of Community Engagement PDF

Strategic Planning Overview  PDF

Policies and Procedures

Work with Staff

In this column there are various guides and policies to help with managing your staff

Guide to Staff Development and Performance   PDF | WORD

Coordinator Induction Policy WORD

Critical Incident Debriefing Policy   WORD

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy   WORD

Leave policy Word 

Long Service Leave Policy WORD

Occupational Rehabilitation Policy   WORD

Staff Hiring Process PDF | WORD

Recruitment Policy (formerly Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy)  WORD

Staff Development and Performance Policy     WORD

Staff Development and Performance Form  WORD

Staff Induction Policy  WORD

The Staff Misconduct and Discipline Policy Has now been replaced by the Staff Counselling and Discipline policy WORD

Workplace Health and Safety Policy  WORD

Working With Volunteers and Participants


Adult’s Photo Consent Form   PDF | WORD

Participants Conduct Wall Chart PDF | WORD

Training Request Form   WORD

Users Rights & Responsibilities Wall Chart A3 WORD

Users Rights & Responsibilities Wall Chart A4 WORD

Volunteer Induction Kit  WORD

Volunteer Induction Record    WORD

Volunteer Induction – Powerpoint

Volunteer Induction –  Presenter Notes

Policies and Procedures

Participants Conduct Policy  WORD

Volunteer Screening Policy  WORD


Working With Children


Child’s Photo Consent Form   PDF | WORD

Applying for Working With Children Check   PDF

Child Care Services Sector Guide   PDF

Children Check Phase in Schedule  PDF

Children Check – What Gets Assessed   WORD

Employers Guide – Children Check  WORD

Exemptions from Working With Children Check   PDF

Frequently Asked Questions – Children Check  WORD

Paid Workers Guide – Children Check   WORD

Risk Assessment Process PDF

Volunteers Guide – Children Check  WORD

Working with Children Check Results  WORD

Policies and Procedures

Bringing Children to Work Policy WORD