Information Technology in Houses

Interconnected world

Information Technology (IT) and Communications are an increasingly important aspect of work in Neighbourhood Houses.  In recent times there have been requests from staff in Houses, for information to help decision making and understanding about what IT related issues to consider.

Below is a draft document which aims to provide some direction regarding Information Technology issues and solutions.

While a few others from NHT have had a read of this document, we are really keen to have your feedback and direction before doing any more work on this.  Perhaps the document is enough?

In particular I would like feedback in response to the following questions

  1. Does the document provides sufficient explanation and definitions, if not what areas need more clarity?
  1. Does the document respond to the issues you are looking for assistance with, and if not, what else do you want to know about?
  1. Do the solutions offered, meet the needs you have in your situation? Please let me know what you do like and find useful, as well as what is not useful.
  1. I’ve named only one or two IT Service Providers in the document. Do you have a local provider who has provided good assistance to you in your House.
  1. Any other general comments?

Here’s the paper: IT and Communications in Neighbourhood Houses DRAFT

Please send comments to: